The marriage has extorted nearly 60 payday loans


Payday loans

Payday loans

Up to 8 years in prison threatens a marriage from Łódź, which has extorted about 60 payday loans in one of the loan companies for a total of 230,000. zł. The District Prosecutor’s Office in Łódź sent an indictment to the court against a couple aged 36 and 59.

The spokesperson for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Łódź, Krzysztof Kopania, informed PAP on Tuesday of the investigation.

The accusation directed against the spouses concerns their criminal activities in 2015-2016. During this period, they extorted almost 60 loans in the amount of PLN 1100 to 5000. In total, 230,000 went into their pockets. zł.

“To commit frauds were used companies registered for the data of substituted persons who brokered loans. In the signed contracts, the data of persons who had previously lost their documents or were obtained in other deceitful manner was unlawfully given” – said Kopania proked.

Financial needs

Financial needs

Investigators found that the accused include they reached homeless people who are in a difficult life situation or friends, offering them – in exchange for remuneration – to register their financial activity as a financial intermediary. In fact, these persons did not conduct any activity, and after registering the company, documents related to its establishment were transferred to the accused. There were also no brokerage points, and their addresses were vacancy addresses or nonexistent ones.

“The next step was incurring liabilities in one of the loan institutions for the persons who did not know that they were parties to the contract, and who had previously lost their identity documents or made them available in various circumstances, most often on the Internet. They often learned about contracting implementation of bailiffs’ – explained the spokesman.

According to the prosecutor’s office, the circumstances used by the loan company were extortions. It was enough to submit the application in electronic form and attach a scan of the document. The verification consisted in checking the correctness of the PESEL number and the state of debt in the registers of debtors. In the case of positive verification, after counterfeiting the signatures of borrowers, the money went to bank accounts set up – at the instigation of the accused – by persons to whom financial intermediation was registered. The money transferred by the lender went to the accused.

The prosecutor’s office points out that the marriage was operating under recidivism. After hearing the allegations, a couple aged 36 and 59 were arrested.

The indictment brought before the court relates to offenses related to the registration of four credit brokers. An investigation is still ongoing against other suspects related to this type of activity, including those who have decided to disclose data for registration of financial intermediation.

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