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An urgent mini loan can be purchased from Viloan and Bankil, among others. Both mini-loan providers pay the credit quickly. If you complete the procedure properly, the money will be deposited within a day. With rapid acceptance via Viloan, it is even promised to do this within 10 minutes. At Bankil or Sandsave the mini loan is paid immediately after approval of the application. This can happen very quickly if, for example, you are sitting at the Camro bank, this is less fast with other banks. 

  • With a mini loan you can borrow money quickly within 10 minutes. You can request a mini loan directly from Bankil or Sandsave. These providers promise money in your account within 24 hours, but there are extra costs involved. Those costs are around 25 to 35% on top of the interest.
  • You can borrow quickly at no extra cost with Nederlands Creditgiver. Here you can request a fast loan such as a personal loan or revolving credit. Within 20 minutes you have an answer to your application and you have all your proofs ready, then you can receive the money in your account within 2 working days if you have a positive application.
  • At Bankate you can have everything arranged within 1 or 2 days. You can borrow from 1500 euros. And if you opt for a revolving loan with Bankate of 1500 euros, then you do not have to take everything directly from your loan.

Online loan places for bad credit: If you have a bad credit history, we may be able to help 

Mini loan urgent

Do you want to apply urgently for a bad credit loan? Fast money in your account can already within a day. Money deposited in your account within 10 minutes, for example directly deposited via a bad credit loan online,  get it now.

However, pay attention. Even though you are in a hurry to have money, borrowing money quickly with a mini loan is expensive. You can easily pay 20 euros for a loan of 100 euros. This is not always clear. Bankate, for example, makes it appear that you only have to pay interest, but there is more. For example, there is a mandatory guarantee and it is very expensive.

The guarantee is a construction of the mini-loan provider to circumvent Dutch law. The company has already been blamed for this, and therefore Bankate now operates from abroad. Viloan does the same but different. This company also operates from abroad to circumvent Dutch law.

Fast payment

Fast payment

However, with Viloan you can also request a mini-loan without extra costs, but if you are in an emergency then you pay extra. To get the money deposited immediately, you pay 20 euros or even 35 euros if the loan amount is higher. This means that you have to pay everything back. Because even though the mini-loan is probably not legal according to Dutch law, you do undertake to repay the loan plus the extra costs.

You should also pay attention to Bankil. It may be that it takes a little longer at Bankate. After all, they first try to verify via your bank whether your name is correct. They do this to prevent fraud. This will be the case if they are unsure of your identity or bank account. So they say on the website:

To guarantee the safety of your loan, we may ask you to transfer € 0.01 to us if you do not use the Camro. If you do use the Camro, we will transfer € 0.01 to your account. We do this to check your bank account number.

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