Easy credit – how easy is it to take credit?

Taking a loan is associated with a number of procedures and a ton of documents.However, banks are increasingly simplifying the process of applying for a commitment to meet the client’s needs – it is enough to complete the online application and wait for contact from the bank.

Credit procedures look a little different in each tank. However, they have one thing in common – they do not belong to simple ones, and for many customers a number of regulations written in small print can cause a real dizziness. Due to high competition on the market, financial institutions simplify the process of granting loans and borrowings to make them more affordable, and thus contribute to acquiring the widest possible range of clients. Because what does not attract more than the slogan “easy credit”.

Easy loan, where to go for it?

Easy loan, where to go for it?

Easy payday loan , until recently it was only possible to take out at non-bank institutions. The so-called. Payday loans, or short-term loans, are offered to both individual and business clients. The lenders offer includes loans in the amount of PLN 100, while the repayment period is around 15-30 days. Moreover, very often new clients of loan companies receive the first commitment without interest. Taking a loan is also characterized by the possibility of conducting the entire online process and a short waiting period for cash withdrawals. Getting a commitment usually takes several steps:

  • registration by providing personal data, including personal identification number and ID card number,
  • confirmation of registration by e-mail and bank transfer,
  • submitting an online loan application,
  • cash withdrawal to the indicated account.

Big interest in loans and credits, as well as growing competition, forced banks to create a product that will be obtainable in a short period of time, without unnecessary procedures and for small amounts.

That is why an easy loan associated only with loan companies is currently also offered by banks. They include obligations for a short period of time in their offer, the minimum amount of which may be e.g. PLN 1,000. Of course, it will not do without providing the required documents or information about the borrower. He / she must usually provide his / her ID details, employer or business details to confirm regular receipts. However, when it meets certain requirements, an easy loan can be paid out even within 15 minutes of submitting the application.

The possibility of applying for a loan online is a great facilitation for clients . This form in banks has been available for a long time. This way you can apply, among others for a cash loan to meet current needs. Additionally, in some banks you can affore your zero- credit or interest-free loan. As you can see they are catching up with lenders both in terms of product and process efficiency.

When is it worth thinking about a loan?

When is it worth thinking about a loan?

Although credit in many life situations may be the only solution before taking it, it is worth considering whether it is a justified decision. Please note that we are buying a product for which we will pay. In his case, they are interest or commission on which financial institutions earn. In addition, easy credit can be associated with increased costs, which compensate banks and lending companies for a short loan term. Most often they take the form of high commission or customer service costs.

Therefore, taking an easy loan should involve the implementation of specific investments. For example, when starting a business, when the savings are too small to start their own business, entrepreneurs reach for a company loan.

However, it should be remembered that each obligation must be repaid on time. Otherwise, banks or loan companies may take steps to collect the backlog. And taking another easy loan won’t help here. The debtor may fall into a spiral of debt, which means that he will no longer be a reliable customer for banks and loan companies. The BIK verification will allow to determine its creditworthiness and repayment history, and thus the timeliness of fulfilling its obligations.  

“Easy loan debt collection” – this can happen to people who have a problem with paying off their debts. What does this involve? First of all, accruing penalty interest on an obligation, receiving a request for payment, entering into debtors’ registers, and eventually the recovery process and subpoena may be initiated.

Easy credit for companies

Easy credit for companies

People who are considering taking a company loan can take advantage of the offer of banks and non-bank companies. At the same time, one should be aware of the fact that entrepreneurs who already have a history of cooperation with a given bank or have an established position on the market can count on an easy company loan. New business entities for financial institutions are exposed to high risk, which is why they are reluctant to finance them. Companies operating for less than half a year must not only provide the bank with a number of founding documents, but, above all, demonstrate impeccable financial results.

Additionally, companies have to reckon with the fact that only a few banks make it possible to take a loan completely online. It is possible to apply online, but you can’t go without visiting the bank.

However, it is worth emphasizing that banks do not throw logs under their feet at least in one respect, namely they allow to receive a loan without the need to provide collateral. This is undoubtedly a facilitation for entities that do not yet have assets that would be adequate collateral for the bank.

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